Liverpool to Blackpool is a Perfect Trip to have a Fun Day

Blackpool is a heavenly seaside town on the western coast, one of the most perfect seaside resorts in England. A day trip to Blackpool can offer a lot of exciting experiences all in one. If planned well a day trip to Blackpool can be very exciting. It is famous for its beaches, some heritage sites, and the famous pleasure beach. The best trip to Blackpool can only be successful with preparation in advance and with an idea of what to expect. CoachhireLiverpool can assist with a perfectly planned trip to Blackpool from Liverpool in a day.

Travel time: Almost 1 hour 20 minutes Distance from Liverpool: 45 km

Blackpool Beach:

Seasides and beaches are the perfect destinations for a getaway; beach resorts such as Blackpool are among the best ones in Britain. Blackpool beach is a resort located 10 minutes away from the city centre. It has many activities and attractions for the visitors such as snack shops, building sandcastles, and a charming view of the seaside. Coach hire liverpool will help you put this beach in preference for a day trip to Blackpool, making all possible arrangements in advance. 

The Blackpool tower:

The tallest man-made structure in Blackpool. Located on the beachfront promenade. It was opened to the public in 1894. It has a solid glass walkway that offers a panoramic view across the North West of England. It is a must-visit landmark on a day trip to explore Blackpool. Coach hire liverpool can make it possible to include it in the plan of a day trip from Liverpool. 

Blackpool pleasure beach:

It is one of the attractions of Blackpool, an amusement park situated on the south shore. It is an experience of thrills and adrenaline rushes with roller-coaster rides. It is a must-visit for a fun-filled day at Blackpool. Coachhireliverpool can be advise ob how best to book tickets for the pleasure beach as there can’t be any entry without a ticket.

Madame Tussauds:

It is a museum of wax statues leaving the visitor star stuck. It was opened in 2011 and is a great in door walk-through option to experience and take selfies with famous stars. It has really fine pieces of waxwork that leave the visitor in awe. It is a famous tourist stop so queues can be long so to make the experience of booking tickets coach hire liverpool can be helpful.

Black pool model village and gardens:

Present next to Stanley Park it is a modeled village built on 2 acres. It is a whole depiction of a real village, that gives you an experience of real village life. It has 100 different structures, rich tapestries and other man-built things that take you down to the old time when life was more natural and had a slower pace. A well-guided tour to this award-winning place can be planned with coach hire liverpool. 

A perfect day trip with a visit to the beach for a picnic along with visiting Blackpool tower and Madame Tussauds can be done in a few hours. Model villages and gardens can be visited with a pre-planned tour along with a thrilling experience at Blackpool Pleasure beach. It can be assisted by coach hire liverpool to be carried out smoothly.