The Coach Company Group operating companies in Australia have partnered with Carbon Positive Australia to make a positive contribution to global climate change. 

Coach Hire, Sydney Bus Hire, Karpool, Bus Hire Compare, eCoachManager, and Low Cost Self Drive are now offering customers the opportunity to plant a tree through Carbon Positive Australia to compensate for the GHG emissions created by travelling and to help Australia’s natural environment.

Carbon Positive Australia is an environmental charity that restores degraded land in Australia through biodiverse tree planting. Since 2001 over 5,000 hectares have been restored, more than 6 million trees planted, and 650,000 tonnes of carbon captured. 

They also offer free educational tools such as an award-winning Carbon Calculator web app, which you can access to learn more about your Carbon Footprint and what you can do about it. 

Your donation will support planting projects that improve canopy cover, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration on:

  • Previously cleared and degraded land in regional Australia
  • Disinvested city and urban areas affected by land clearing and heat impacts from climate change. 
  • Remote and indigenous planting areas. 

Planting trees is one of the only mechanisms we have lower the concentrations of carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. Native restoration and tree planting sequester carbon, help reduce temperatures, improve soil and water collection, and provide a home and habitat for our native fauna and flora.

Project Impact and Monitoring reports are available