Amazing days out from Auckland 1-2 hours travel time by luxury coach from The Coach Company New Zealand

If you’re looking to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind, The Coach Company New Zealand has you covered with coach trips 1-2 hours away from Auckland. Experience amazing views and scenery in luxury comfort with a variety of options available for your next day out.

Karekare Beach

Travel Time: 45 minutes

Travel Distance from Auckland:  About 39km

Karekare Beach is located to the west of Auckland City and can be reached on Aucklandbushire. Escape to beaches in the scorching summer heat. Its location has ancient indiginous ancestry. The native tribe is known as Te Kawerau ā Maki Iwi who continue myths and legends associated with Karekare Beach. There are magnificent cliffs and the gigantic dome-like remains of million years old volcanic eruptions.

The rocky landscape of cliffs has mini spaces which are caves, again are part of the native legend tales, that the giant cliff is a representation of parents while two other nearby smaller cliffs represent their two children. Out of these smaller cliffs, the closer one is the obedient child while the other one, on the north side was the disobedient child who strolled far away neglecting his parents’ commands. It is an interesting fun fact that claims that this all happened recently when even inanimate objects moved until one day they became frozen. The beach attracts tourists to swim but take care – make sure there are life guards on duty as the sea can be treacherous. The land is rich in the production of sweet potatoes, so you may enjoy them after a tiring swim. A day out with Auckland bus hire.


Travel Time: 49 minutes

Travel Distance from Auckland:  38 km

Auckland itself is sometimes referred to as a sailing city due to the major proportion of the vista being an ocean. Likewise, many nearby destination spots within 50 km are well-known beaches that are vital tourist spots to be enjoyed – especially in summer. Piha Beach is one of the very first internationally acclaimed places where surfing competitions were held. Piha offers not only the sight and amusement of the beach but its location on the edge of Waitākere Ranges makes it exotic and has a splendid natural view. Aucklandbushire operating in the region has the best possible services. The Lion Rock is a huge cliff that is a major attraction – the headland structure of the Lion Rock is it resembles the animal. Piha Beach offers a fantastic atmosphere to lose any negative energy and fill your soul with positivity. Contact Aucklandbushire, start your adventure.

Bethells Beach

Travel Time: 38 minutes

Travel Distance from Auckland: 37.4 km

This coastal settlement, like many others, is to the west of the city. The language of the native people of this region is Māori and Bethells Beach, in the native indigenous language, is referred to as Te Henga. The Maori native name emanates from the parallel dune ridges created by ocean sand deposits. The beach was later entitled Bethells Beach and not Te Henga because a family named Bethell owned the major part of this land area. Hence, the European tourists or migrants who frequently visited the spot call it Bethell’s Beach. Auckland Coach, Bus and Minibus hire is at your service, to roam around without the fuss of worrying about the care of your automobiles.

Only surf in the flag marked areas controlled by the surf patrol club. Fishing at the nearby lake Wainamu is encouraged and any fish you might catch can be enjoyed at a picnic on the beach. Save that idea for your next visit.

It is way better to use luxury coaches from Aucklandbushire because, in summer, tourists pack the beach leaving no space for car parking. Guys, it is a must-go place if you are an Auckland.  Apart from enjoying the beach vibes, the place also offers room to explore the native ancestry. The cape was historically inhabited as a communal settlement by the Polynesians.

Architecture plays an eminent role en route to this beach via Aucklandbushire. Several tracks are made to reconnoiter forest avenues from the beaches into bushes. Short walks and strolls make one feel closer to nature.


Travel time: 46 min 

Travel Distance from Auckland: 60 km

The town of Warkworth is full of great activities, situated just north of Auckland. You are going to have an immense lot of fun once you start to roam around town after your cool ride from Auckland bus and minibus hire. It has a great mix of things to do, offering all sorts of sightseeing. The accommodation, food, festivities, activities, cultural heritages, galleries, vineyards – all of this in one place ! Isn’t it amazing? Okay, let me answer this on your behalf. Yes, it is amazing and amusing at the same time. If you are a foodie at heart, this place is entirely for you. Aucklandbushire luxury coach takes you there.

Food-conscious? then go to Matakana which has organic food delicacies. Matakana is also famous for one of the largest and most diverse systems of wineries. The specialties are delicious Chardonnay, and classic red varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon. Matakana is located on the Kowhai Coast, named after the indigenous tree. There is a local museum exhibiting artifacts and the local artistic heritage.


Travel Time: 1 hour 43 minutes

Travel distance from Auckland:  142 km

The town started as a gold mining center, and grew rapidly attracting many immigrants. There is a wonderful 10 kilometer beach here, white sand abounds. If gold mines are your thing then visit Martha Mine using auckland bus hire. The ancient mine crater is lined with a walking track where you can stroll and gaze in wonder at how they must have worked in the olden days. Waihi Golf Club is the best place to pay a visit if you champion the art of golf or have an interest in playing this sport. The coastal settlement of Bowentown near Waihi beach can be visited to have a look at the Pa Sites which are the fortified shelters used by women and children in times of war. Furthermore, Waihi beach can be used by you for your picnic plans, and of course swimming, surfing, and fishing.

Te Aroha

Travel Time: 1 hour 38 minutes

Travel distance from Auckland:  138 km

Te Aroha is a very small town compared to other towns using Auckland bus hire services. Initially, most of the land was rural depending heavily on agriculture and a simple code and conduct of life. The population too was very small but now the population has grown and the area urbanised. Te Aroha is named after the famous mountain Te Aroha on whose base, the town stands and functions. 

The most popular activity is hiking the trails and climbing the summit to appreciate the scenic views of forests and Hauraki Plains. Hire aucklandbushire to take you to the Hauraki Trail. The town has a system of hot pools where you can soak and shed your stress. Te Aroha has a Mokena Geyser which naturally erupts hot water and steam. The geyser’s hot water cascades among a variety of pools. The hot springs have spawned a spa culture and many kinds of treatments are available to ease away your aches and pains.


Travel Time: 1 hour 58 minutes

Travel Distance from Auckland: 147 km

Ruawai has a rural landscape easily accessed by using Auckland bus hire. Ruawai means “two glasses of water” implying the significance of two nearby waters – Northern Wairoa River and Kaipara Harbour. The vegetation of Kumara is what this town is primarily dependent on for its livelihood. Kumara means sweet potato which is the major crop on this farmland.  

While visiting this area have a close look at the Kauri tree artifacts by visiting the Kauri Museum and Art Studio. Kauri trees were used to produce a special resin to make hand-crafted and engraved jewelry pieces. The art gallery offers authentic local artisanal art, which portrays their artistic skills through their craft, photography, and handmade products. Northland Circus Festival is held at Ruawai offering several activities in which you can take part.


Travel Time: 2 hour 4 minutes

Travel Distance from Auckland: 164 km

Katikati is one of the best places to visit, especially during summer break. It is a small town located in Tauranga Harbour on Uretara Stream. Auckland bus hire is the best way to arrive in comfort. The town has many wall paintings – so wonder around and enjoy. These paintings not only synchronize with the cultural heritage of Katikati but also serve as a gesture of respect to the ancestors who inhabited the land. Mural festivals are held at Katikati, and The Carlton Gallery displays artifacts and sculptures to promote art and artists. 

You could also visit Katikati Park to experience Japanese Haiku poetry. Katikati Bird Gardens have various beautiful birds and wide paths to roam around and inhale nature. The plantations, birds, flora, and fauna allow a feeling of vibrance with nature. Katikati is rich in its production of avocados and kiwi.


Travel Time: 1 hour 50 minutes

Travel Distance from Auckland: 149 km

If you want to have access to heart-throbbing and stunning scenic views, Tairua is going to be the best option. It offers views of the Twin Peaks of Mount Paku and the Alderman Islands. Auckland bus hire ensures you get there on time. If you are interested in kayaking, or windsurfing, then you can visit Tairua’s harbour and beach, ideal for beach fishing and body boarding. You have another option too, you can simply relax on the sand. 

There is a diversity and variety of restaurants in Tairua, soul food. Pauanui, across the harbor, is 10 minutes by ferry or otherwise, it takes about 25 minutes by road.  It is said that in earlier times Polynesian explorers had a settlement here. Tairua is often named asAuckland’s favorite weekend escape.

Tiritiri Matangi Island

Travel Time: 1 hour

Travel Distance from Auckland: 29 km 

Located in Hauraki Gulf, near Auckland. The island is cataloged as a nature reserve by the state to preserve its natural aura and ecological components – endangered wildlife abounds. The Kawerau people were the very first indigenous settlers of this island and earned their livelihood through fishing. You should also take a glimpse of the local lighthouse once-acclaimed as the most powerful lighthouse in New Zealand. The bird sanctuary area provides a home to unique and countless bird species such as Red-crowned Parakeet – its Maori name is Kakariki – North Island Saddleback, Brown Teal, Whitehead, Takahē, little spotted Kiwi, Stitchbird, North Island Kōkako, Fernbird, North Island Tomtit, and Rifleman.

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