The Coach Company Group’s Australian company,, supports Starlight Children’s Foundation with free coach & minibus transportation.

Having a child with a severe illness has an enormous effect on the whole family. When Melinda’s seven-year-old son Tom was diagnosed with cancer, it came as a total shock. We asked Melinda to share with us the impact Tom’s illness has had and how Starlight has helped Tom and his family in their darkest of times.

In Melinda’s words, this is Tom’s story…Tom is our oldest son. He is a loving affectionate, curious, open-minded and compassionate child. He loves spending time with his family and mucking around with his friends more than anything else. When Tom started experiencing leg pain at night, we initially thought it was typical growing pains. As the leg pain continued to increase, we sought help through our GP. All the general testing appeared normal, so we were sent to the children’s hospital for further investigation as his pain continued.

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