School Carpooling

Let Carpool solve the traffic problem with your Neighbours

Parent-Driven School Carpool Solution

✓ Find carpool partners in school
✓ Organize small-group carpools
✓ Drive with school families

Easily Plan Safe Carpools For Your School


Parents can view a map of other families within their school to find nearby carpool partners.


Families are able to reach out to others in school to set up shared drives with 2-3 other families using GoKid’s app


Parents take turns driving their own kids + other kids in their carpool. GoKid sends reminders and plots the driving route.


  • Spend less time on the road
  • Kids can join more after school activities
  • Knowing where and who your child is with
  • Making new friends within the school community


  • Reduce traffic in the school area.
  • reduce emissions and increase air quality around the school.
  • Drive enrollment
  • Get closer to achieveing your sustainability goals.

Organise Your Own Group Carpools Now

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