Road Safety Analysis School Transportation System

Analyze the traffic & Safety of your school’s transportation system. Discover what you could be doing differently.

When it comes to keeping your school’s students safe, analyzing the transportation system is a critical step. Our services cover all you need for such an analysis, plus best practices for ensuring student safety both in transit and at arrival.

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Gather Relevant Data to Analyze Your School’s Transportation System

It’s important to gather data about usage rates, bus routes and times, passenger numbers, and average lengths of trips, impact on neighbors is an important issue for urban schools.

Assess Existing Policies and Procedures for Road Safety

Review the current processes in place that are designed to keep students safe while on the road, such as pick-up and drop-off zone, lane division, seat belt usage, vehicle inspection schedules, and driver training and qualifications. Review whether or not your district has any policies in place for handling emergency situations or unexpected occurrences along the way.

Managing Safely in the Pick-up and Drop-off Zones of Your School

Ensuring a safe and efficient pick-up and drop-off zone for your school is essential for keeping students, parents, faculty, and staff secure. From establishing clear rules to designating staff members to the area, our audit offers tips on how to manage your pick-up and drop-off zones.

Reducing School Traffic and Making Streets Safer

Schools with high pedestrian and vehicle traffic can be an unsafe environment for both students and drivers alike. With ore audit, we’ll share top tips on how schools can reduce the amount of traffic , to create a safer and more comfortable environment.

Create an Action Plan to Put These Improvements Into Practice

Once you have identified areas where improvements can be made to your school’s road safety, it is important to create strategies for implementing these changes. Develop an action plan with clear steps and timelines that outline the process of putting these improvements into practice. Make sure to involve the appropriate stakeholders in this process–including administration, faculty, staff, parents and guardians–so that they are aware of what needs to be done and why. Establish a timeline for completion and track success against the plan throughout implementation.

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