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BENEFITS OF TravelSave Technology


24/7 Support

Our intelligent staff transport and improved commuting options helps attract and retain staff


Real Time Tracking

Dramatically reduce car parking pressure, congestion and pollution in and around your office.



Take a major step to meeting your green targets, reduce  CO2 and air polution in and around your office.


Scan On/OFF

Happy staff are productive staff that are covid-safe, stress-free and have an easy commute to the office.

Real Time Tracking

Reduce uncertainty with TravelSafe Technology. Utilising a progressive Web App installed on the Supervising teacher’s mobile phone. 24/7 real-time tracking for each parent on any device.

Meet your Green Targets

Reducing vehicle traffic by using our holistic approach can dramatically affect your CO2 footprint.

Scan On/OFF

No child can be left behind. Supervising teacher – using their mobile phone scan On/Off each child by name. and electronic roll call

WHAT WE DELIVER To School Management

About Us

Welcome to The Coach Company, The Worldwide’s leading private company for coach hire with an outstanding reputation for offering friendly professional group transportation services at competitive rates.

The Coach Company is renowned for its ability to provide superior group transportation services and transport management with a particular focus on safety and comfort, giving you complete peace of mind.

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