How to spend a perfect day in Grassington, travelling from Liverpool in a day?

Grassington, originally known as Grastentun is a small town located in North Yorkshire. It has a rich history timed back into the Anglo-Saxon era. It is a beautiful place with a variety of activities to do. Walking and hiking to explore the beautiful picturesque surroundings of the town can be the best activity to explore and have fun with the family. CoachhireLiverpool can assist you with your tour of this countryside.

Time of Travel: 2 hours 2 minutesDistance from Liverpool: Almost 118 km

Grass wood nature reserve:

It is an area of carboniferous limestone with rich wildlife in North Yorkshire. A walk from Grassington along the river Wharfe leads to the lower grass wood. It is a close insight into nature and there are different activities for the tourist. Coach hire Liverpool can plan a day in the woods filled with exciting adventures and fun. 

Grassington folk museum:

In this charming village, tourists are attracted to the history and different aspects of the life of people living here in the past. This museum is a must-visit place for anyone to learn about the past days. It has a fine collection of crafts, tools, jewels, artifacts, minerals, and utensils used by people. It is opened in two miners’ cottages. For an educational trip at the museum, you can look up to Coach Hire Liverpool and have an amazing experience with history.

Linton falls:

There are several unseen waterfalls in the area and Linton falls is one of the most famous ones. Fairly modest in height, Linton Falls is the largest waterfall on River Wharfe. The Linton waterfall walk can be an exciting experience for families and groups. A family guide with CoachHireLiverpool can guide you to perfect spots and parks near the waterfall to experience its beauty. 

St. Michael and all angels church:

A 12-century church with architectural features and religious significance, St. Micheal and all angels church lies in Grassington, North Yorkshire. It is located across the river and has its historic origin. However, the church is open during specific times so make sure book a smooth visit with Coach Hire liverpool.

Raven tree top adventure:

On a day trip, some adventurous activities can add to the experience. It offers a tree-top adventure balancing on the woody logs for both adults and kids. It is done under proper supervision and can also be a venue for birthday parties. Coachhireliverpool can help in booking tickets and assisting you with this adventurous trail.

Parcell hall gardens:

Is one of the most famous historic plant gardens. Located on a steep hillside in a scenic landscape. There are seats all around the garden to sit and relax in soothing natural heaven. It can be a perfect picnic spot with various snack cafes around. CoachhireLiverpool can give you directions and make reservations there for you. 

So, to enjoy and visit all these places in a day smoothly you can rely on Coach hire liverpool.