Exciting break in Lake District from Liverpool to have fun for a day?

The Lake District is a popular tourist attraction because of the variety of activities and beautiful landscape it possesses. It is home to breathtaking crystal clear lakes, mountains as well as historic sites. A well planned one day trip to The Lake District can be very exhilerating. To have a hustle free day trip filled from Liverpool full of exploring sites and enjoying activities book coachhireliverpool as your travel guide.

Distance from Liverpool: 101 km  Travel Time: 1 hour 19 min

Lake Windermere:

Windermere is the largest lake in the Lake District and the largest natural lake in England. It can offer various activities in water and on land around it. Many water sports can be enjoyed, swimmers also swim in the lake. Sailing and windsurfing are among the water activities offered at the lake. There are various boating activities available that can also help you explore the district on a boat. Coach hire liverpool can be a reliable tour guide to advise all possible fun activities at the lake. 

Brougham castle: 

On the bank of River Earmont lies this castle of English heritage. It was a Roman fort and is a perfect depiction of the mediaeval building. It is a beautiful site to walk around the lawns and walls of the castle. It is a protected heritage site and is open for visitors with tickets. To advise on tickets and other reservations requirements book coach hire liverpool as your travel assistant.

Lake District national park:

Lake District national park is one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. It has a beautiful landscape with various lakes, woodlands, and mountains. Its diverse landscape makes it one of the most attractive places. It has a rich variety of wildlife and marine life present. It has a complex geology with the presence of rocks that are nearly 500 million years old. A very high opportunity for outdoor activities makes it a happening place to visit. Mountaineering, recreational walking, and other activities can be done if a guided tour is taken to this wonderful spot. Coachhireliverpool can help in planning a one-day trip with maximum activities covered for a fun-filled experience without any hustle. 

Honister pass

At an altitude of 1,167 feet Honister pass is a mountain pass linking Gatesgarth to Seatoller. Is one of the most famous Lakeland routes. In a day an exciting circular trip around it can offer very scenic views for the sightseers. There are also various activities like canoeing and a visit to a slate mine that can be planned without a hustle if coach hire liverpool is your charter company. They can be helpful in exploring the unseen and unknown beauty of this heritage site.

Dale head walk

If you are up for an adventurous walk, this classic horseshoe walk from Newlands valley to Dale Head can be the answer. It is a 7 mile walk that takes you to summit Dale Head. This can be an unforgettable experience and must be done when accompanied by a guide. If you are interested in this adventurous walk you must book your guide with coach hire liverpool. They would guide you about essentials needed and also help you in the challenging route.

 So, to make the best out of your one day visit to Lake District from Liverpool book coach hire liverpool and have fun.