Why is Llangollen, Wales a Great Option for a Day Trip from Liverpool, UK?

A tourist destination for more than 200 years it is a small town in Denbighshire, Wales.  It is part of a UNESCO world heritage site including an eleven miles canal. It is located around River Dee as an outstanding spectacle of beauty. It has fair ruins as heritage sites which are worth exploring with some climbs. An informative and historic tour with a guide from coach hire liverpool in a day from Liverpool can be an exciting day out.

Distance from Liverpool: 82 km

Travel Time from Liverpool: 1 hour 5 minutes

Castell Dinas Bran:

Castell Dinas Bran is simply one of the most stunning castles in Britain. The once magnificent stronghold was built in the 1260s by Prince Gruffydd II ap Madog. It occupies a permanent hilltop site above Llangollen town. If you’re climbing around that area it’s worth a look. Coachhireliverpool will be the perfect guide while paying a visit to this magnificent and once majestic, grand castle.

Llangollen Railway:

Llangollen Railway is a heritage railway line that runs between Llangollen for 10 miles. It is the only standard gauge heritage railway in North Wales. The railway is located around an area of outstanding natural beauty. The views from the carriages are refreshing and comforting. Coachhireliverpool aims to refresh your mind and body through a ride along this historic railway by adding it to your day trip spots.

Valle Crucis Abbey:

Valle Crucis Abbey is a Cistercian abbey located in Llangollen, Wales. Valle Crucis was founded in 1201 by Prince Madog ap Gruffydd and the ‘white monks’ of the Cistercian order. Located next to a very large caravan and static caravan park is incredibly more than what one expects when visiting such an important location. A visit to this fascinating site evokes the lives of the Cistercian monks. Cistercian monks loved all things austere. Coachhireliverpool intends to make your day brilliant free out of this marvelous site. 

Llangollen Museum:

Llangollen Museum has around 10,000 artifacts, documents, and photographs in its collection. Llangollen Museum always has several programmers running to help improve access to and knowledge of the fascinating heritage of Llangollen and the surrounding area. The Llangollen Museum will guide you through some of the different aspects of the heritage of the region, from the Stone Age to the Romans and the Normans and on to the last two centuries. You can find out about people, places, stories, myths, and legends. Coach hire Liverpool will be the perfect time travel partner throughout Llangollen’s history, so gear up and join us in this adventure.

National Trust- chirk castle:

Built in the late 13th century, Chirk Castle was one of many medieval Marcher fortresses sited on the Welsh-English border to keep the Welsh under English rule. Chirk Castle had the most up-to-date defenses for the time, with round drum towers that allowed archers a wide firing field and created a killing zone. The top level of the Adam Tower impresses tourists with stunning views from the upper floor windows. There is also Sir Thomas’s room, named after Sir Thomas Myddelton I. Coachhireliverpool will develop a nostalgic memory in your mind of this prestigious castle with a well-planned trip. 

So, in this fun-filled day trip from Liverpool to Llangollen coach hire Liverpool can be the perfect travel partner.