Why is Chester City the Breathtaking Day Trip Spot from Liverpool?

Heritage and history, Chester city is home to the legacy of old times from Romans to Vikings and Normans. It is one of the most popular tourist-attractive cities in Britain. Located by the river it has the finest galleries, 1000-year-old cathedral, and churches, museums, and has the most complete red stone city walls, Tudor-style half-timbered buildings, and places with Britain’s finest carvings of medieval times. It can be great to look into the history if planned well, coach hire Liverpool can help in planning a hustle-free one-day getaway in this ancient city.

Distance from Liverpool: About 25 Km

Travel Time: 35 to 40 minutes

Chester city wall:

Chester city walls, built by the Romans, are the most complete and longest walls found in Europe today. Parts of it are 2000 years old and a full circuit walk-around can be very informative and interesting. However to make the trip informative and fun-filled with historic information a guide could be hired. Coach hire Liverpool can deliver you to the best spot to help in saving time during the walk along this ancient city and its wall.

Roman Amphitheatre in Chester:

Chester city is filled with heritage sites and attractions for tourists. The Roman Amphitheatre located here is the largest in Britain. It was used for entertainment purposes as well as for military training. It is open all day and also has a few eateries and shops around. Chester is filled with historic sites, all within walking distance. To manage and explore everything in a day trip, a booking service like coach hire Liverpool can be helpful. There is Chester castle near the amphitheater, in a well-guided tour both of these places can be visited in just a few hours. In this regard Coach Hire Liverpool can be really useful for people visiting for a day.

Chester zoo:

One of the largest zoos in Britain is Chester zoo located on almost 51 hectares with more than 700 species awaiting you. In this zoo, six south East Asian Islands are recreated to provide an insight into the natural habitat of animals present there. There is a fruit bat forest and bamboo forest through which you can walk and experience the natural environment that animals live in. Properly planning a trip can help in exploring perfectly all possible things the zoo offers. Coach hire Liverpool can help in planning this trip with all your preferences.

Museums and Roman gardens:

Grosvenor Museum, Cheshire Military Museum, Deva Roman Discovery Center, and many other museums in Chester city are major tourist attractions. They have a clear lane-by-lane  history with all the antique artifacts kept in them. There are also art galleries and antique shops around the city which can be sourced for shopping by art lovers. Coach Hire Liverpool can help people in such cases by guiding them to city centres where they can shop for souvenirs and antiques.  It also has a Roman garden to explore within walking distance of the heritage sites.

So for the best, yet economical trip filled with adventure a trip advisor like Coach Hire Liverpool can be very useful. If you are planning your day trip from Liverpool to Chester city make the experience perfect and adventurous with Coach Hire Liverpool.