Marvellous Day Trip Spots Near Adelaide City

Adelaide is considered one of Australia’s most liveable cities and has every experience to offer you can imagine. However, if you live in Adelaide and have grown tired of its hustle and bustle, it’s time for you to freshen up by visiting Adelaide’s nearest day trip spots. 

We have listed the ten most thrilling day trip spots located no more than two hours’ drive from Adelaide to make day trip planning easier for you – read this blog till the end!

Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley

Distance from Adelaide: About 70 km

Travel Time:  57 min 

If you love wine and want to explore the wine-growing regions, then Barossa Valley is one of the best day trip spots. Barossa Valley is famous for its lush green wine regions that produce fine wine everybody loves. 

According to the statistics, Barossa Valley is actually one of the world’s greatest wine-producing areas. There are nearly 150 operational wineries in Barossa Valley, which shows why Barossa Valley is synonymous with wine. 

Barossa Valley is not only famous for fine wine. The living standards of Barossa Valley have made it one of Australia’s best country change locations. 

Barossa Valley’s lush hills are home to impeccable nature and lively towns that attract visitors from far and near. The stunning scenery makes it a perfect spot for you, whether you’re travelling alone or with a group. Towns throughout the Barossa Valley region have amazing foods, biodiversity, and joyous experiences to offer.



Distance From Adelaide: About 28 km

Travel Time: 27 min

Hahndorf is a contemporary village that is only 30 minutes away from Adelaide, making it a perfect location for a day trip from Adelaide. The rich German heritage of Hahndorf makes it one of the unique places in Australia. 

The village was first populated by Lutheran migrants back in the 19th century. Thanks to the efforts of the locals, the heritage of the original settlers of this area has still survived to this age. Hahndorf is famous for its German-style architecture that piques the attention of visitors. 

The German Migration Museum in Hahndorf allows you to trace back the history of local migration. Hahndorf is also famous for its wineries. You can spend your time in Hahndorf by visiting small goods outlets that sell unique items. 

The bustling main street of Hahndorf has a lot of amazing foods to offer. Once you’re done strolling through the streets of Hahndorf, you can fulfil your appetite in local bakeries and restaurants.

McLaren Vale

McLaren Vale

Distance From Adelaide: About 43 km

Travel Time: 41 min

Founded in 1838, McLaren Vale is a town that is famous for its grape vines, just like Barossa. The town was established by English farmers back in the 19th century. Today, this place is famous for its wine industry, friendliness, and its serene beauty. 

The best thing to do in McLaren Vale is to visit its wineries. You’ll learn how the locals in McLaren Vale are able to produce the world’s best Shiraz and Grenache Wine. 

McLaren Vale doesn’t have the mundane hustle and bustle that you find in big cities. The quiet neighbourhood of McLaren Vale consists of retirees and small families. After you’re done visiting the wineries in McLaren Vale, you can settle down at any of the local restaurants to enjoy local foods. Or you can roll your rug in any park and have a picnic with your friends or family. 

McLaren Vale can be reached from Adelaide on a relatively short drive. However, you can search for coach hire services online to easily reach McLaren Vale if you don’t want to drive all the way from Adelaide.



Distance From Adelaide: About 12 km

Travel Time: 18 min

If you want to enjoy the perfect Mediterranean climate but don’t want to travel to Spain or any other faraway country, then Glenelg is the best day trip spot for you. The warm, dry summers and cool winters of Glenelg make it a perfect place to explore during any time of the year. 

Glenelg Beach is considered one of the best beaches in Australia. The aquatic adventures offered at this beach are famous among families because of the presence of safe swimming facilities. Sandy white Glenelg Beach allows you to enjoy the seaside views with your friends and family. 

After you’re done exploring the rich history, charming shops, and bustling food spots of Glenelg, you can enjoy a picnic at any of the shaded picnic areas near the beach. There are so many adventurous activities in Glenelg, and you must try exploring all of them. 

You can get in your and arrive at Glenelg from Adelaide within minutes. However, if you’re traveling with friends or family, A coach hired with a driver can make it easier for you to reach Glenelg in no time.

Adelaide Hills

Adelaide Hills

Distance From Adelaide: About 32 km

Travel Time: 41 min

If you’re looking for a fairy tale experience not so far away from Adelaide, then visiting Adelaide Hills is the best option for you. This place is home to so many charming towns that make you forget the mundane hustle and bustle. 

The leafy lanes of Adelaide Hills are nothing less than outstanding. You get to experience nature in Adelaide Hills like never before! The wineries, wildlife adventures, and cultural activities make Adelaide Hills the perfect day trip spot to visit with your friends or family. 

You can look for a coach charter service online if you are traveling to Adelaide Hills with your colleagues, friends, or family.

Fleurieu Peninsula

Fleurieu Peninsula

Distance From Adelaide: About 84 km

Travel Time: 1 hour 16 min

Fleurieu Peninsula offers year-round adventures that are enjoyed best on a day trip. The wine regions of Fleurieu Peninsula include McLaren Vale. The beaches of Fleurieu Peninsula give you a serene view of the ocean that is hard to experience on a busy beach. 

If you love ocean creatures, then visiting Fleurieu Peninsula is a must for you. The Encounter Bay of Fleurieu Peninsula allows you to spot whales, seals, and dolphins in their natural habitat. Fleurieu Peninsula can be a perfect day trip spot for you if your kids love whales. 

The Willunga Farmers Market allows you to shop for local products. You can also have a fun time pleasing your palate at one of the local restaurants. 

It takes more than one hour to reach Fleurieu Peninsula from Adelaide. You should hire a minibus hire service to ensure that you enjoy your journey from Adelaide to Fleurieu Peninsula without having to drive.

Monarto Safari Park

Monarto Safari Park

Distance From Adelaide: About 72 km

Travel Time: 55 min

You must visit Monarto Safari Park if you want to explore wildlife in an open-range zoo. Managed by the Royal Zoological Society of Australia, the Monarto Safari Park is a perfect day trip destination if you are planning a trip with your kids or a group of adventurous friends. 

You can see more than 50 species of amazing animals in this Park that you might’ve never seen before in your life. Visiting Monarto Safari Park is not costly at all as tickets are affordable. 

Minibus hire with driver service can safely take you from Adelaide to Monarto Safari Park, so you can enjoy yourself with your friends or loved ones throughout your journey.

Cape Jervis

Cape Jervis

Distance From Adelaide: About 106 km

Travel Time: 1 hour 30 min

Cape Jervis is a small town that has a ton of fun activities to offer. This town functions as the mainland ferry terminal. Cape Jervis is the gateway to Kangaroo Island. If you’re planning a day trip, then you can choose it as your destination to have some fun time with your friends and family. 

You can explore the magnificent beaches in Cape Jervis. On the other hand, if you don’t like aquatic adventures, you can start your journey on hiking trails. The parks in Cape Jervis provide perfect space if you’re planning a trip with your friends or family.

Para Wirra Conservation Park

Para Wirra Conservation Park

Distance From Adelaide: About 39 km

Travel Time: 43 min

If you’re planning to immerse yourself in nature this weekend, then you should choose Para Wirra Conservation Park as your day trip destination. You can explore wildlife, go hiking, or plan an amazing picnic in this stunning Park. 

The good thing about Para Wirra Conservation Park is that it’s accessible, well-maintained, and equipped with modern facilities. The natural bushland of Para Wirra Conservation Park allows you to enjoy a great time with your friends or family. You can take some amazing photos at its photogenic spots to cherish your memories.

Port Noarlunga

Distance From Adelaide: About 32 km

Travel Time: 33 min

Port Noarlunga is a small seaside suburb that can be the best day trip destination for you. Originally created as a seaport, Port Noarlunga is now home to a small population that welcomes visitors and helps them explore the beauty of this place. 

This picturesque seaside village is perfect for aquatic adventures like: 

  • Kayaking
  • Snorkelling
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Diving

If you don’t want to spend all your time in the water, you can spend your time on the Red Sandstone Beach or enjoy a great picnic in one of its picnicking spots.

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