Day Trip Points at 1.5 Hours Drive from Perth City

We have but one life and we should live to the fullest by exploring all that nature (and the government) has created for us. Since we don’t always get a lot of days for ourselves, we should not ignore the opportunity to enjoy day trips. To make sure you are easily able to complete the tour within a day with a coach charter, here are ten places near Perth city.



Distance From Perth: About 22 km

Travel Time: 26 min

Do you enjoy learning about history? Visit Fremantle. Do you like art? Visit Fremantle. Do you savour all kinds of flavours? Visit Fremantle. Do you enjoy nightlife? Visit Fremantle. Do you love beaches? VISIT FREMANTLE.

It’s called Australia’s best-kept secret, and you must visit it to find out why. It has the oldest standing building in Western Australia called The Roundhouse, and there is a tunnel beneath it that was once used by Fremantle Whaling Company.

If you like architecture, you would also want to see the high-security prison here, which is one of the most significant cultural attractions of this area. Fremantle Arts Centre was built as an asylum for the mentally challenged, but now you get to enjoy exhibitions and live music here. There is an ancient market that started back in 1897 and still operating today with over 150 stalls.

Caversham Wildlife Park

Kangaroos roaming at the park. By Choo Yut Shing

Caversham Wildlife Park

Distance From Perth: About 18 km

Travel Time: 30 min

You can see over two thousand animals and birds just at a distance of 30 minutes with a coach hire. If you visit this place, there is a chance that you will see something that you might have never seen before; after all, there are over 200 species here. Would you believe this large collection is privately owned; at least it’s open to the public. 

In case you are wondering, you will get the opportunity to interact closely with most of these animals and birds. This wildlife park is designed for wildlife, which means it’s very close to nature. A simple tour around the park will get all the hustle and bustle of the city out of your mind. 

They conduct a farm show that is interactive and fun if you haven’t spent much time in the countryside. One of the main attractions of this place is the little penguins that you can watch getting fed and swimming around. There are also several picnic points where you can sit down with your family, friends, or colleagues and have a nice peaceful meal.

Yanchep National Park

Yanchep National Park

Distance From Perth: About 53 km

Travel Time: 44 min

Over nine trails covered with nature reserves, historical sites, and swimming spots; worth trekking or not? No? Did I mention the lake, cave areas, and lush woods? Must be worth the visit now.

Not a trekking person? What about seeing everything from the sky on a helicopter because this facility is available there (of course, not free)? There is a national park with animals, trails, and a golf course; the administration has also created places for picnics and barbeque. Right there is also a clean and very beautiful Yanchep Lagoon Beach. Somewhere around there, you will find caves, beach road, No 227 RAAF Radar Station (a historic site), and connecting lakes.

The Swan Valley

The Swan Valley

Distance From Perth: About 15 km

Travel Time: 25 min

This is a 180-year-old region regarded for its world-class wine and gourmet food, making it the perfect place for every foodie. There are more than 150 points that you would want to visit, including restaurants, wine trails, markets, and cycling routes. This place is also one of the leading producers of wine in terms of quality, all thanks to the Mediterranean-style climate and fertile soil. 

You can walk or trek on one of the eight trails (each with a theme), take a boat cruise in the Swan River, get something memorable from Guildford’s historic shopping precincts and roadside stalls, visit art galleries, and get a horse-drawn wagon ride. There is also a Children’s Forest with three museums and a park that they can explore on a vintage train. You will also find Australia’s largest water slide playground in the Swan Valley.

Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

Distance From Perth: About 55 km

Travel Time: 50 min

This is a place where you will find marine life like sea stars, mollusks, urchins, and many species of fish in abundance, and you will get the opportunity to swim, dive, and snorkel with them. There are several reefs surrounding this island, which makes swimming and diving much easier and more fun. You can also go to a deeper part of the ocean with a tour provider and swim among dolphins. 

One unique thing you will find on the island are rare Australian sea lions swimming and fishing there right next to you (but in a different style). There are also many other activities available that you would want to do on an island or a beach. These clear waters and the marine life here make every activity much more exciting. After you are tired of the activities, you can sit at any food point here and enjoy fresh meals.



Distance From Perth: About 98 km

Travel Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

It’s one of the oldest inland towns in Australia, most popular for its architecture, history, art galleries, and natural beauty. There are some great places if you want to go hiking and connect with nature. For example, you can walk to Mount Brown Lookout and see the entire town from the top of the mountain. If you want to get a much higher view, there is the facility of skydiving available. 

If you are more attracted to art, Gallery 152 should be your first stop. Next, you should visit York Courthouse Complex and walk around it to admire its architecture.



Distance From Perth: About 110 km

Travel Time: 1 hour 12 minutes

Make your time worthwhile by spending it in Waroona because it is an amazing spot to see. About 110 km from Perth, you will find this place a famous place called Waroona Dam. This Dam is attractive enough that it’s not only used for irrigation purposes but recreational activities as well. You can also explore the coastal lake and bush trails. 

Moreover, there you will find some exciting horse-riding activities. Waroona is a small rural area but loaded with natural beauty. The gardens and trees covered by knitting art will tell you amazing facts about Waroona’s history. Yalgorup National Park, Lake Navarino, and artwork created by the local community in Waroona are the most notable things here.



Distance From Perth: About 43 km

Travel Time: 45 min

All you need is to plan a picnic either with friends or family in the hustle and bustle of life. You will find this beautiful small town about 43 km far from Perth. Tumbling waterfalls, wildlife drives, beautiful scenic trails, and dazzling wildflowers make this place special. You can feel the beauty of nature by walking on Noble Falls Walk Trails. 

If you have an interest in wildlife exploration, you can go to Paruna Sanctuary. August and onwards months are the best time to visit because wildflowers start blooming in August. Moreover, Zia Park Equestrian Centre arranges horseback riding tours for tourists.



Distance From Perth: About 126 km

Travel Time: 1 hour 29 min

Take a break from this anxious world and take a ride of 126 kilometers on a minibus hire. You will find a different world in Lancelin. This is a small island because where you will find hard white beaches and dunes. 

You can enjoy sandboarding on that attractive white sand. You will have lots of fun if you love surfing. If you are an explorer, you must visit this place to explore the beauty of the White Sand dunes network. You can safely enjoy fishing with your friends and family because the beach water area is protected.


Milky Way at Dwellingup Rapids By Trevor Dobson


Distance From Perth: About 107 km

Travel Time: 1 hour 15 min

You can live your life a little more by exploring another exciting place near Perth. Dwellingup is one of the most attractive points for everyone. Dwellingup is known for its breathtaking beautiful towering forests. Another thing that makes it more special is its incredible camping spots. 

If you want to do something adventurous in your life, you can get that experience at Treetops Adventures. You must visit art galleries here to make your artistic soul alive, but also don’t forget to enjoy boating in Lane Poole Reserve. Moreover, if you want to spend some more quality time with your friends and family, you can go on biking trails. Meanwhile, there are more attractive points such as Forest Discover Centre, Hotham Valley tourist Railway, and Vine Tree Cidery.

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