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eCoach Manager Case Studies with

Richard Moore

Operations –

I remember when first started using eCoachManager. As operations manager, I was particularly interested after learning about the features related to vehicles and drivers. We use eCoachManager to manage and track vehicles. I am able to track scheduled service times and vehicle inspections. The system even sends me notifications and reminders. It means the end of accidentally allocating a vehicle to a job when it is scheduled to be off-road or when it is already allocated to another job. This has made us much more efficient.

The feedback I have received from drivers has been overwhelmingly positive. They appreciate that when allocated a job, they receive a full job sheet with all details. The job sheet not only tells them the vehicle, pick-up and drop-off points as well as times. It even lets them know which depot they will be departing from and the recommended departure time from the depot. The drivers each have their own login to eCoachManager and can see their entire upcoming schedule. They can print their own job sheets to take with them.

Ricus Wessels

Finance –

We have several corporate clients that we invoice on a monthly basis. Prior to implementing eCoachManager we had to prepare all the invoices manually. This was a very time-consuming task that usually took over one day to complete. Now it is a straightforward, efficient, and quick process to create and send out the invoices. The eCoachManager system at enables us to produce and review the invoices with a few simple clicks. It then emails them to our customers, or the system could print them – which is unnecessary.

We now have a comprehensive debtor’s ledger and can check the aged analysis at any time. The integrated email system automatically sends out payment reminder notices as well. Reconciliation of payments is also handled by eCoachManager. The overall time saved allows for financial planning including cash flow forecasting. We are more than satisfied with the system and would recommend it without hesitation.

Dave Smith

Sales Director –

There are frustrating things that all coach companies, not just, face from time to time. Before we began using eCoachManager I believed there was no easy solution. To one particular problem. It turns out I was wrong. If, a customer requests a journey that we are not able to run ourselves. Obviously, we don’t wish to turn down a customer as they are unlikely to return. Job Share provides a simple yet elegant solution. Job Share is a cooperative system between eCoachManager users. I can post a job there and other companies can then bid to run the job on our behalf. This is a fantastic solution. We also will bid on jobs other companies have posted. It’s great to be able to pick up some extra work when has excess capacity.

Having a coach run an “empty leg” is of course just a pure cost with no revenue to offset the expense. As its name suggests, Don’t Travel Empty matches coach companies running empty legs with others who could use a particular service. I was honestly surprised at how often these get picked up. The result is that we turn what would have been pure cost into an opportunity to make money.

These features are not our core business, but they really enhance what we do and enable us to provide the best service for our clients, and help with our bottom line.

Nathan Giovenco

Account Manager –

When I first heard that with eCoachManager [ECM] you could work from anywhere I will admit to being skeptical. I mean sure, if you had a laptop, then you could do most everything but that does limit where you can be. Turns out that it is more than that. It’s easy to use eCoachManager on a tablet or phone as well. When management is traveling they can check on new quotes, bookings, and payments at any time and literally anywhere. It’s great for them as they can get the information they want quickly and easily without needing another staff member to prepare the data and send it to them. ECM has proved robust, in Q1 it handled about 4,500 customer inquiries by Q3 this was over 4,800.

But, it’s not just for management. Our drivers receive job assignments online with MS notification and can accept the job as well. They are also able to check their calendar and view the details of any upcoming job including a google maps view of the suggested route. Some of the sales staff like to check their phones in the morning to see what has happened overnight including new quote requests and booking confirmations. We promote a healthy work-life balance and eCoachManager helps to achieve this.

Andy Veal

Project Manager –

I am familiar with Google Maps, using it when driving to get directions or be advised about any potential delays. Google Maps is tightly integrated with eCoachManager and it provides benefits for customers as well as company. When a customer makes a quote request, we use Google Maps to give us accurate time and distance information. This, along with our pricing tables makes sure we can accurately and correctly make a pricing decision for a job. When the customer is sent their quote, they can check everything on Google Maps to ensure that all the locations are correct. It saves time and confusion.


Drivers appreciate that the integrated map can then be used on the driiver’s App to assist them in running a journey. Because everything is integrated, it tells them where to go and the best route to get there. This is great on journeys where a driver may be going to an unfamiliar location. It’s even better when running school routes. The driver just follows the job in eCoachManager and Google Maps. Parents and guardians can follow the bus on an App and receive timely arrival notifications so they won’t be late.

Richard Woodhead

Marketing –

ECM or eCoachManager to give it its full title has changed the entire culture of how does things. Real-time information on quote requests, quotes outstanding with a probability factor, and new bookings. I really like the real-time graphs comparing performance month over month. I get the information I want and need without needing to wait for monthly reports to be prepared. Conversion rates of inquiries to signed deals are now running at about 35%.

The entire concept of real-time has become a part of every department’s method of operation. Sales staff know the moment a new quote request is received and when the booking has been confirmed. Knowing when a booking has been confirmed they are able to allocate vehicles and drivers thus providing as much advance notice as possible. The finance team knows what invoices are outstanding and which have been paid. This change in the way operates helps us focus on providing great customer service and looking for new opportunities.