Australian Federal government signs new ADRs for zero-emissions vehicle safety

Australia’s Zero-Emission Vehicle Safety Standards Get a Green Boost!

Exciting news from Down Under! The Bus Industry Confederation (BIC) has just shared that Australia is taking a big leap forward in eco-friendly transportation. With three new Australian Design Rules (ADRs) freshly inked, we’re aligning with global standards to ensure our zero-emission buses are as safe as they are green.

Let’s break it down:

  • Electric Powertrain Safety First: ADRs 109/00 and 109/01 are all about keeping electric buses safe. These rules set the bar high for the safety and performance of high-voltage electrical parts. Think rechargeable batteries and electric motors – they’re getting some serious safety attention.
  • Hydrogen-Fuelled Vehicles in the Spotlight: ADR 110/00 turns the focus to hydrogen-powered buses. This rule is all about making sure that compressed hydrogen storage systems are up to scratch, safety-wise.

Carol Brown, our federal assistant transport and infrastructure minister, put her signature on these rules on October 31. This move isn’t just about keeping our buses safe; it’s also a big step towards cleaner air and a healthier Australia.

The BIC is thrilled because these standards mean the safest, most eco-friendly buses on our roads. Plus, they’re backing the federal government’s push to get more electric vehicles (EVs) rolling and support the Australian National Hydrogen Strategy.

The timeline? ADR 109/00 kicks in from November 1, 2024, for new models and by November 1, 2025, for all vehicles. ADR 109/01 follows suit, starting November 1, 2025, for new models and November 1, 2028, for all. And ADR 110/00? It’s set for November 1, 2024, for new models and November 1, 2026, for all vehicles.

These ADRs aren’t just about local standards; they’re syncing up with international benchmarks like UN Regulation Nos. 100 and 134.

It’s a big win for safety, the environment, and the future of Australian transport! 🚌🌿🇦🇺