10 Day Trip Destinations Near Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is in the middle of many tourist attractions. You can find beautiful, adventurous, and historical places at a drive of 30 to 90 minutes. From one of the world’s only two everglades to an island connecting several small beaches, we have compiled a list of ten points you would want to consider for your next day trip.

The Hinterland

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The Hinterland

Distance from Sunshine Coast: About 28 km

Travel time: 30 minutes 

The Hinterland is an endless source of adventure where you can do all types of healthy activities while enjoying beautiful sceneries and breathing fresh oxygen. This place comprises several small villages, scenic points, a rainforest, and a cooling waterfall. 

The first place most people go to is the Glass House Mountains. This place is nothing short of heaven for cyclists and trekkers. You can rent bikes there if you prefer cycling and want to end the tour within the same day. If you have time, go for a trek and discover many of nature’s wonders along the way. 

Once tired from the activities, visit the Blackall Range and for some great points to eat and drink. There are small villages around, each famous for its own thing. For example, you should visit Montville if you are into art as there are many galleries there.

Noosa Everglades

Noosa Everglades

Distance from Sunshine Coast: About 85 km

Travel Time: 1 hour 20 minutes 

There are only two everglades in the world, and one of them is only 85 kilometers away from Sunshine Coast. This lake system covers over 60 kilometers, giving you way more than enough space to go boating. It takes about 5 hours to take a complete kayak tour of the Noosa Everglades. 

In addition to boating, you can do kite surfing here, and it’s a great place if you need a peaceful walk. If you are an adventurer, you can also swim in these waters. In case you are afraid of such waters, you should know that there are no crocodiles in Noosa Everglades.

Australia Zoo

Distance from Sunshine Coast: About 40 km

Travel time: 30 minutes

If you like animals, you would want to visit this 700-acre zoo that is just 40 km away from you. It will take a coach charter of around 30 minutes, and you will get to enjoy the journey with luxury if you hire the right service provider. 

It is considered one of the best zoos in the country due to the number and variety of animals found here. You will find over 1,200 animals here as a conservation center. There are programs like croc shows to make this place more entertaining. You and your kids will love cuddling and feeding friendly animals like koalas. There are shops to buy gifts and birthday clubs in case you are planning to surprise someone.

Bribie Island

Bribie Island

Distance from Sunshine Coast: About 90 km

Travel time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Bribie Islands is something you can call the perfect place for a family getaway. However, you must love the ocean and the beach. There are several beaches on this island, such as Bongaree beach and Red beach, for you to explore. You will find safe waters for swimming, surfing, and all other such activities here. 

While most people don’t go to beaches with the intent of fishing, Bribie Island is a great spot for this activity. In addition to play area facilities, it provides an environment where you would want to do BBQ. There is a marine park called Pumicestone Passage, where you will see wildlife roaming freely. There is a seaside museum that will educate you about great artists such as Ian Fairweather and World War II. Some service providers give you an aerial tour of the entire island on a helicopter.

Glass House Mountains

Glass House Mountains

Distance from Sunshine Coast: About 45 km 

Travel Time: 35 minutes

It was the first place where many First Nations Peoples got together, which is why it is considered spiritually significant. You can still see many ceremonial sites still present today. For a tourist attraction, among many things, there is Maleny Botanic Gardens, where you can meet over 700 exotic birds. 

There is a 3 km long Mt Tibrogargan Circuit to enjoy the best walks while surrounded by nature. If you just want to sit down at a point and enjoy the scenic view, go to the top of Glass House Mountains Lookout. You will also find antique shops, food points, and some great lodges here.

Great Sandy National Park

Distance from Sunshine Coast: About 74 km

Travel Time: 1 hour 

With massive dunes, coloured sand, and tall forests, Great Sandy National Park has every quality to make it a tourist attraction. This place has been prepared for visitors, and the administration has made it as friendly and welcoming as possible. You will feel nature in its original form but in a safe environment. This means you can go hiking to relax your mind, and you will also get the service of a communal shower when you return. 

There are places for camping if you plan on staying the night. There are great places to take a walk, and you can also drive around the area to explore the entire park. If you are going with family, go to Bymien, Harrys, and Seary’s Creek for a picnic with the availability of toilets and picnic tables. 

If you are not with any kids, you should hit the waters for a swim in the freshwater. However, beware that there are sharks in the river and ocean, and waves might not always be friendly. If not in the mood for swimming, you can go canoeing or boating in the upper Noosa River.

Mary Valley

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Mary Valley

Distance from Sunshine Coast: About 78 km

Travel Time: 50 minutes 

Mary Valley is a beautiful place full of nature known by the name of Mary River. You will get many scenic views while you are driving on its way. The most popular attraction here is the river where you can perform many activities such as kayaking. 

If you love to walk in nature, there is a 1.1 km Fig Tree walk. After that, see 120 bird species in the Amamoor Forest, also known as a bird lover’s paradise. This is also a very peaceful place to take a walk. You can walk or bike to the end of this forest where you will find a large swimming hole.



Distance from Sunshine Coast: About 80 km

Travel Time: 1 hour

Gympie is popular for its historic buildings and gold field. You can start by visiting Memorial Park and Miners Hill, where you will see a beautiful garden with century-old trees at the center of the city. 

If you are going with family, your kids are going to love a stop at Lake Alford Recreation Park, which is also a great place for picnics. You will see many bird species at the lakeside, and you can also leave your dog off-leash if you are taking one with you. The gold was found in Mary Street, which has been transformed into a historical street with places for shopping and dining.

Rainbow Beach

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Rainbow Beach

Distance from Sunshine Coast: About 150 km

Travel Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Since it is 150 km from the city, you should get a Bus hire with a driver that can make this journey faster and more comfortable. Although this is just a beach, it’s more popular than most others for a reason. It stretches to an area of over 23 kilometers that you can explore by foot or on a 4×4 vehicle. 

It gets its name from the rainbow-colored dunes that you have to see for yourself. It has the perfect waves for swimming and surfing, and you will find every facility and service you would need to properly enjoy such a place. 

You can take a tour of Fraser Island from this beach on foot. If you go on a ferry, it will barely take 10 minutes. If you go between May and October, you can watch whales that migrate to this area. An annual fishing competition is held here where the winner gets the prize of $100,000.

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