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School Travel Manager not only protects the children, it provides security for the schools by supplying and reporting on all regulatory information, and gives true real time and historical information that the driver has followed every instruction issued.

A transport company can help enhance security for school managers by supplying and reporting regulatory information in the following ways:

  1. Compliance reporting: The transport company can provide regular reports on its compliance with safety regulations, such as maintenance records and driver background checks, to help ensure the safety of students and provide transparency to school managers.
  2. Training and education: The transport company can provide training and education to school managers on relevant safety regulations, as well as best practices for emergency preparedness and response.
  3. Incident reporting: The transport company can report any incidents or accidents involving students, and provide information on the steps taken to investigate and address the situation.
  4. Risk assessment: The transport company can perform regular risk assessments to identify potential hazards and develop plans to mitigate these risks. This information can be shared with school managers to help them better understand the safety measures in place.

System Functionality

  • Once the basic setup has been achieved the Admin section of the system has superb functionality that can be input including,
  •  Driver accreditation
  •  Vehicle compliance
  •  Real time messaging – from school to driver and parent
  •  Vehicle defect management
  •  Supplier portal
  •  Swipe Card management – biometric or other
  •  Real time and historical tracking
  •  Reports management
  •  Real time passenger information – who is on the vehicle and when
  •  Multilingual – system can be used by multiple languages
  •  Cloud Based

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